To all those who seek Romance before and after the storm

If there was a rose like you
then would I suppose
one time
in my life
that when you bloom
I could look out of my room
and forget my everyday blues.

I'm so glad that you opened my door
all of the music that could be played
would be in our hearts everyday
and it would stay
forever and more
for you are my rose
amongst the thorns of my pains
for you are my 'bow after all the rains.....

Poetry by GB
Read 1022 times
Written on 2005-12-16 at 03:27

Tags Romance 

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haseen whel
i love this!!!

So delicate yet strong , this poem ,
much like the rose itself.
Absolutely beautiful.

Amanda Manmohan
All I can say is...WOW! This is one of the sweetest poems I have ever read! I loved every word... it was just beautiful and perfect in every way. Well done!

Welcome to the poetbay my friend,this has a nice lilting flow to it, the rose probably the most written about plant in history well done :-)

Zoya Zaidi
"for you are my rose
amongst the thorns of my pains
for you are my 'bow after all the rains....."

For you bring sushine into my life,
Lightup my dark & lonely life,
Free me of pain, free me of strife,
You're a rose with fragrence true,
You make me laugh when I am blue...

What lovely write!!!
To sunshine of poetbay after the storms!!!