There are so many questions without any answers...

Why Oh Why

Why oh why are the heart's ways strange, stranger than life stranger than fiction

nobody can fathom the paths of love that traverse through the maize of passion

Why are there three forces in one, mind body and soul that bind a human

but which do not always tag along, one overriding the other very often

When the mind rules the roost there is no pain but wisdom

but when the heart takes over there is joy but no reason

Why can't all the three blend together to make the life so much easier,

but no, life then will be very plain, with no intricacies and so mundane

I like the way it winds like a river full of surprises,full of fervour

It only makes life full and richer if not always joyful and happier!

Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 432 times
Written on 2005-12-16 at 12:02

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this,the flow is excellent as is the content, well done :-)