I am grateful to an English winter which taught me how to write...

An English Winter

Do I owe you so much, oh English winter

There was a poet lurking on me you brought him out as a winner

When the wind and the snow were playing truant with the Sun

the poems kept me warm nonwithstanding the shun

When everyone was partying around, I was writing furiously

the waves of the poetry engulfing me completely

There was no dearth of subjects either happy or sad

I could write on anything be it tsunami ,love or my dad

The Sun, the moon and the celestial objects, all became my worthy subjects

I couldn't think of anything without rhyme that vibrates

The habit became apart of me, I don't know how it happened

What started in an English winter continued unabandoned

I don't have to wait now, for it to be an English winter

I could write with as much flair in an Indian summer!

Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 474 times
Written on 2005-12-16 at 12:40

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nicely put, not only does it show your passion for poetry, but also the reason it came about well done :-)