Sweden is a lovely country in so many ways. Since I am a patriot and nationalist I love my country. But people here are somewhat emotionally and spiritually deep frozen...
That's why we need torches!


let's challenge status quo
and i don' t mean the band
life's more than making dough
and live off the fat of the land
i stand for freedom
what about you?
your torches
let's see them
there's nothing to lose
i look at the world
through the glasses of rejection
when i reach out
they reject my affection
but nevertheless
the flame's growing higher
the world is a mess
but my heart is on fire
explosive personality?
you ain' t seen nothing yet
my own immorality
makes me so upset
creating commotion
is no way to go
it takes some devotion
we're moving too slow
set fire to the corners
of every street
get out there and dance to
the new rebel beat

Poetry by Larz Gustafsson
Read 604 times
Written on 2007-11-27 at 19:13

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