The dark abyss before my feet
Pulling me closer each day
To the doom I know will come.

The angel of death seems to love me
Wanting to take me away from the world of man
"Why do you haunt me?" I ask the angel.

"Do you believe?" is the answer I hear
"Believe in what" I ask the dark shade
"Believe in death."

I can see the angels eyes
Cold as ice
And yet they burn me to the very bones.

We stand there together
On the brink of doom
Waiting for the right time.

"Why do you ask" my voice trembles
The angel laughs at me
A laugh that makes the sound of a dying man sound good.

"If you do not believe, then why are you here?"
The angel touch my hand
His skin as pale and cold as a corpse.

"To this I can not answer, I believe in nothing."
The angel looks at me with curiosity
"But if you will take my life, I will gladly say that I do believe."

A flash of green
An alarm is ringing
And I wake from the dream.

Words by Nyorioko
Read 479 times
Written on 2007-12-13 at 21:07

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