a summery of life changes

Change your life

Give thanks for quiet times,
feel gratitude for breathing,
not impatience, for what you do not have.
Count your ingredients given
for a happy life, do not focus
on unmet want.

Praise the unappreciated,
recognise and congratulate them.
Do not wait for someone to do it to you,
It will make their day. It will make yours.

Spend time with your family.
Sit down for a meal without distractions.
Enjoy each other's company.
Happy families need time together.

Discover meaning. What do I bring to the world?
How can I best use my gifts?
If you do not know where you want to be,
you will not get there, however fast you run.

Live your values and act on them.
Enact ideals on a ritual. This is
what religions remembered,
often forgotten by ethicists.

Forgive like losing excessive weight.
Life is too short to bear grudges
or seek revenge. Forgiving someone
is good for them but better for you.
Bad things have happened.
Dwelling on them won't make it better.
Let go. Move on.

Keep learning. Never be afraid
to learn something new. Learn
to listen. It is a gift
we can give to others.

Create silence in your soul.
Liberate yourself from the tyranny
of technology, the electronic intruders
and inhale the heady air of existence,
the joy of being.

Transform suffering. Open up
to the pain of others. Do not ask:
Who did this to me?
But: what does this allow me to do
that I could not have done before?

Do not become a victim of circumstance
but an agent of hope.
Live, give, celebrate and praise,
thereby turn life into a blessing.

Poetry by Scharlie Meeuws
Read 466 times
Written on 2008-01-06 at 11:29

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