Please tell me

I do not know.
What shall I say?
Can you please tell me,
what I shall say.

I want to comfort you,
I care for you!
Show me your pain,
I see it in your eyes.

Your eyes are dead,
that I can see.
What shall I do,
to be there for you?

Can you please tell me,
what I shall do.
My heart burns for you,
I wish you could see.

Please tell me,
what I shall see.
'cause you are hiding it from me.
What shall I see!?!

Your pain is my pain,
your tears is what I cry.

Please tell me
'cause I want you alive.
You are my hero and
my reason of life.

Do please tell me,
put it in words.
Just tell me,and you will
not stand alone.

I am here.
Why aren't you?

Oh, please just tell me...

Poetry by Sandra Sicilie Hansen
Read 716 times
Written on 2005-12-26 at 01:30

Tags Death  Depression 

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the feeling of helplessness is one of the worst feelings in the world... a beautiful expression of it in this poem :)))