I wish I could tell you

I do not know what you shall say.
Say that you care.
My pain is too much,
What shall _I_ say?

How can I show you
my pain? I do not know.
What pain this is.
You see my true pain in my eyes.

Come and hug me,
lend me your shoulder.
My pain is hurting.
Please take it away!

My pain is in your eyes,
that I can see.
My heart burns for you
as your heart burns for me.

I wish you could see.
My pain is to much for me.
How can I show you?
I want you to see.

I can not cry any tears.
But you cry them for me.

How can I tell you?
I want you to know,
'cause my pain is too much
for only me.

Please live for me,
'cause I can not.
My pain is my pain,
that I can not change.

You feel happieness,
that I do not.

I wish I could tell you...

Poetry by Sandra Sicilie Hansen
Read 763 times
Written on 2005-12-26 at 01:43

Tags Death  Depression 

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