Writers Block.

A poem a day is what I'd say
And that is what I'd write
For a year or two, thats what I'd do
But then became my plight
Was it lack of inspiration
Even though its all around
What could it be, I could'nt see
For none of it I found
Was this poetic burn out
What I think is writers block
A pebble found upon the ground
Now became a piece of rock
A blade of grass no longer swayed
It was green and that was that
No country towns on grassy mounds
Or tramps in weathered caps
But still I know I'll carry on
I have so much to learn
I'll rant and curse for lack of verse
Until my muse returns.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 1066 times
Written on 2008-04-12 at 10:51

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A similar thing has happened to me,but you have turned that too in a poem! Thanks for an inspirational read

Have been away from the Bay for a while, had to do a "search" to find you, 'cos I always liked your work.
If this is writer's block, let's have more!
I know what you mean, it's horribe when words won't come and you think that there is nothing left to say...
Your "writer's block" is an inspiration.

cory Crook
writers block brings you down
maybe it is the poeple and things that go round
turn ya mind inside out
trying to fidgure it out why u cant think
try going on a walk in nature and read into life from a ver buetifal place

limber junctionson
not blocked now are you though:)
I think it happens to us all.
my cure is to read.
that and silence!
linda x

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I think most of us get afflicted with writers block from time to time Graham - my muse can be a very capricious beast. Just keep writing and the inspiration will eventually flow.

Elle x