Unresolved lie the things of the heart,
like locked rooms, where keys have been lost,
or windows closed to the chill of the night
or books left out in a foreign language.

Force cannot prise open tight hearts
or decipher the symbols in books,
for patience must walk at great length
through the different levels of pain,
and reach the dimensions of grief.

Costly for us is all love
as we price our days in good fortune
and are charged for sadness and sorrow.
Harsh is the road and relentless
that can lead to a lifetime in circles
before finding solutions to things
in the locked up corners of heart space

Poetry by Scharlie Meeuws
Read 566 times
Written on 2008-04-13 at 22:28

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Beautiful poetry and so true, the heart is a delicate organ that only time, love and care consideration will heal. Nice to read you, ~Tai

Rob Graber
So deep and pensive... Superb!