...Think of mothers with the fathers...

Scratch the surface

Scratch the surface, you will find
cracks in waking, cracks in sleeping
and some holes of other kind.

Lift the lid of what you're keeping,
look deep down in gaps that matter.
Find the bugs in darkness creeping.

Start afresh, clean up the crevasse.
Think of mothers with the fathers,
bring the parents to the surface.

Note that families are the cells
made up bodies of society
Not a heap of burnt out shells

or a cancer that grows wildly
out of control and haphazardly
and will end in pain and agony.

Broken families, unleashed drinkers,
drug addiction, truancy,
Can't you see it? Wearing blinkers?

Family demise spells cancer,
serious as crime or terror.
We all have a lot to answer.

And as grave as global warming
it needs modern laws on divorce
and on family reforming.

Our government is fiddling
"while Rome burns" only with words,
declarations less than middling.

Marriages are low held functions
while divorce climbs high and higher
and the poors' state means malfunction.

Scratch the surface, you will find
cracks in living and surviving
in a world that's dumb and blind.

Poetry by Scharlie Meeuws
Read 562 times
Written on 2008-04-18 at 23:03

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I agree with Nick's comment. I like the message, but love the rhythm and rhyme too, your work is so enjoyable