For Ben a family member who died suddenly on April 13th 2008 at the age of only 31 years old a life to short

A Bitter Pill.

If there is a Flaw in life
Is it that we have to die?
Our bodies frail and marked by strife
It matters How! Not why
As the years have passed before us
They will surely take their toll
The tears, the pain, the loss of trust
All leave their marks upon the soul
For some they have to leave to soon
While others seek release
There are those that never reach full bloom
Before their breath will cease
Some believe it is Gods will
And in him they put their trust
But for most it is a bitter pill
And the short end of the crust
The fires of Hell rage in me
Yet my tears will quench them not
As I lay a flower upon the grave
Of one who but briefly left the cot.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 975 times
Written on 2008-04-22 at 10:44

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Graham I was so upset to read this, it says everything. Your own special skills made it even more upsetting.
I will remember you and your family each time I make my own special prayers.
I look after my mum who all her life was strong, controlling and dignified. She is now very old, frail, and pathetic. She knows, through the haze of her fuddled mind, that she has "lost it," and it's one of the saddest thing I ever saw. I look at her and wonder, is it good to die young. Anything is better than what she is living through now.
I do believe that we see our loved ones again, perhaps not in body, but we will meet again in spirit. I do believe this Graham, hope you can take some comfort from it...
Bless you.

Indeed, the time we live upon this earth is never guaranteed. The angry hesitation at the end of your poem is the same that everyone feels as we shiver in sadness at the funeral of those too young to be gone. So sad for your loss.

haseen whel
What a sad poem, my brother pass away at the age of 23...He's too young and he's dream is gone away like a wind but now I realized it's all GOD's will ...thank's for sharing!!!kisses

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Graham I am so sorry for the loss of this loved one. I found, in your poem, a poignant message about grief and all the questions that come when one so young dies. Sometimes we just feel what we feel and it really is ok to allow all the feelings to come forth. I pray for you and your family to find some comfort in knowing that you will see your loved one again. Hugs to you Kathy

Life is they say live life in present but what is present?? when we don't really know whats going to happen in a minute or even in a second...where is present???i think we had lived in past and are living for future...and only truth we know for sure is we will die sooner or don't worry Ben we will be there to give you company...


Rob Graber
A bitter pill indeed. On one consolation atheists and theists agree: he is beyond pain now.