Far On A Hill.

Far on a hill of mists and dreams
Sits a lonely old man
Who quietly screams
At a world hell bent
On destroying itself
Never at peace and losing its wealth
The tears in his eyes
Tell a tale of mankind
And the blood on his hands
I think you will find
Is that of the faithless
The lost and the soiled
Not that of believers
And men that have toiled
To bring about peace
to a world since its birth
A world he created, our own planet earth
Did he make a mistake
When he gave it to us
As we ravage and savage
And turn it to dust
Can we turn it around
And save what is left
Or is mankinds future
Now shrouded in death.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 990 times
Written on 2008-07-14 at 06:55

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Brilliant. I don't hold out much hope for our future, the human race is far too selfish. Applaud.

you are and ever will be one of the greats.
I place your foot on my head as as a sign that I realise this

Let me just say that the rhythm and meter of this piece is just fantastic!! It flows like honey-rich, warm, smooth and constant.I LOVED reading it. (ALoud and in my head.) :)
As for the content, i probably agree with you just a little. I think that there are billions of people who do't have the facility or the luxury to care, while a few million care immensely but don't have the power to do anything and a few hundred that have the power but just don't care.
It's a vicious cycle.

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I think there is, was a purpose of why we are here - I think the earth will inbue us as it has inbued many before us. Yes I think mankind is dying out but not for a long time yet - but there will be other lifeforms and that is hope too

Elle x

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Good question. Maybe we are fortunate not to know the answer.