don't expect much from this one, it was an early one as well.

Destiny Lies

destiny is a lie or a dream
that wounds us deep
for every day
your soul begins to seep
You ask yourself why you live
from day to day
and if you chose
just the right way
You see yourself thinking,
What if?
time goes by as if through a sift

So if you think destiny is true
You will be one of the few
that thinks that life
has something waiting
for you with some great meaning.

Poetry by Mark Reynolds
Read 633 times
Written on 2006-01-10 at 15:36

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Black Knight
The term "destiny", I understand as totality of human acts. So your "destiny" depends only on you.

Zoya Zaidi
Yes! life is out there
Waiting fore you,
It has a great meaning,
Only for you, for you have to take it,
It is true, when it comes your way,
You have to muddle though, life
Has great things in store for you...

A nice write Mark, but if I thought destiny meant nothing i think I would go nuts,oops to late :-))