the binding mist

the sky is not visible
there appears to be no trees
all that's there is the mist

you walk towards a sound
your footsteps disappear behind you
and still, all that's there is the mist.

the sound you were following gets louder
the light of day begins to fade
and yet, the mist still stands

the sound is some type of machine
it turns to a deafening noise
the mist turns thick, and black

you start to feel so cold
you turn around and see some light
but the mist keeps you moving

no more light around
you can't hear your own screams
the mist consumes you

Poetry by Mark Reynolds
Read 626 times
Written on 2006-01-10 at 19:56

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Black Knight
I like the mist...

I definetly liked this one. You managed to set the mood in a way most gits seldom do.
Thank you for brightening my day with this piece of poetry.

Hi ! .... Eerie isn't it ! .... Makes you turn your neck and look behind you . But yea , all good Mark . Very nice prose ... Well done ! ........ Cheers Glen ( GB )