Not entirely sure of this text. I need some heavy duty critizism on this one.


It reeks of urine, sweat and vomit here, in these ruines of a formerly civilized society I consider to be my home. Here in this god forsaken part of the world, where you plebians behave like rabies-afflicted animals; where you rape, kill and befoul. This nook; filled to the brim with hedonism, violence, drugs, sin and filth. Oddly enough this is where I have found my peace. In the middle of all this which I hate, among all you people I abhor more than anything else I have made a home. In this cauldron of perversions and filth I live, and I thrive. My hate is nourished by all you vulgus I share my deplorable existence with, all you struggling cretins who actually believe you are worth something. My ego is strengthened for every minute, grow as a result of every one of the moronic statements from you imbeciles who believe that you are something more than ants. I observe you often, from my elevated posision; yes, from my throne, where I sit. Looking down on you, little insects, who frantically search for the happiness you never will manage to approach because you never will realize that happiness is where you are, inside of you, and that it can not be "found" like you believe. I laugh at you worthless creep, you are so tiny down there. Scurrying around like confused insects.

I do not believe that there is anything in nature less worth than you, accursed bloodsuckers. Even organic slime holds a higher value. I detest you, you never even strive to be more than you are. your only function is to whore around like rabid monkeys. You show no proper respect for those who are better than you, even though you deep down know that the only right course of action for you would be to fall to your knees and worship us. You worthless mental midgets. I have long contemplated the reasons for your existense, and there is but one thing I can come up with that justifies your beeing here. You exist to serve us, the true masters. We who are better than you.

Pray, obey and crawl, maggots.
Death before mediocrity.

Words by Sylvian
Read 729 times
Written on 2006-01-11 at 09:38

Tags Angry 

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I do not speak for all, why would I?
What I do try here, on the other hand, is to get people to think...

Black Knight
It is not necessary to speak for all.
Masters, who are better than me? I don't have any masters...
I've nobody to obey and there is nobody whom I worship.

Thank you! Nice to know I'm not alone in my opinion of the world. ;)

Zoya Zaidi
An excellent take on the so called civilized society of today...A true depiction of what a fascist would say to the so called sundry... This the attitude that the 'upholders of civilisation' have acquired towards the rest of the world...where their truth is the truth, rest does not matter...I was reminded of Harold Pinter's Noble acceptence speech... A very good piece...Kudos to you for the courage and coviction to write this!!!!!
Welcome to the Bay, brother!!!

This is a misanthropic text, so to call it a rant would not be totally correct. This is my thoughts of the so called civilized western society, taken to an extreme. Thank you for your comment.

I'm not to sure about what to say really, if its meant to be a rant, then I'd say its pretty good with plenty of content and strong intensity, but if its not, then what is it.