It is just an attempt to paint a picture; a try to look into the core; a desperation to understand why, no matter how much you try, sometimes you still find yourself alone.

It's nice to belong...

A smile lights up your world,
A smile flashed at you
And you keep thinking how and why
Someone could smile at you.

It is not that you don't deserve it;
It is not that you donot long.
You can not trust the smile was true
Just because the you feel you donot belong.

At times, you feel you are in the crowd
And at times you are all lone.
People want you to understand them
But for you all hearts are stones.

You cry and you are offered a tissue;
And you so desire a shoulder to lean
You want to pour your pains out
But suddenly the world has turned mean.

Just smile back and keep smiling dear
That's the way to love and live.
You may not get all your smiles back
But slowly you will learn to believe.

Though the way is hard
And the night is long
Keep smiling, you will get some back
and you will know, it's so nice to belong.

Poetry by Amy Valentina
Read 519 times
Written on 2008-09-02 at 10:24

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