R.I.P. Oscar

Styx and Stones

i leave the revelers
with their mouths of porous light
in the distance
their songs
ascending on smoke
and ash
until there is nothing left
save the memory of warmth
a spot of white
against the sea,

i continue
down the shoreline
where the waves strain and gasp for
another handful of
sand and here the current
runs a little swifter just beneath
the surface
your shadow
pinned by knives and
silver leaves,

i remember what hope meant
on nights like these
an addiction
so dank below the salt
it grips your heart
and commands you to go forth
it means
a safe journey
it means
to ask why
or how,

i want to tell you
it is true
some things
are always leaving
the violet tomb might be curved
so that even as you
chase the horizon
you may return and
find me
here waiting,

good friend,

i will go as well
not now
perhaps not soon
but when that day comes
remember to keep
your heart pointed
towards the sun
so somewhere neither
here nor there
stars that
seemed so strange
to us
will align once

Poetry by Charlie fan
Read 1004 times
Written on 2008-09-26 at 01:10

Tags Death  Goodbye  Friend 

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this is a beautiful piece. I'm sorry for your loss.