Chocolate covered smiles and cherry topped daydreams
This was before it started to split at the seams
When children stayed outside until the streetlights flickered
When babies laughed and fathers didn't drink too much liquor
When we built ideas and the thought of a home
Consisted of you, and I, and everyone we know
I would let you cough on me, breathe in your toxins
Use my mouth on your mouth to suck out the poison
Your heart was a heavy rock that crushed our house
But the games kept on; a conniving cat, a confused mouse
Town to town, boxes opened and packed up again
Forgot the meaning of the words "love" and "friend"
"We are a tragic love story," you'd say with a smirk
Feet resting on the dashboard, cheeks covered with dirt
A body and a soul, they can separate on demand
When your ruler has fists that beat you into command
Dirty sneakers and unwashed hair
Those were the days of desperate despair
When I became desensitized to knives and guns
When the thrill of it all lost all of its fun
When your temple seemed a pleasing landing spot
For the last bullet in the gun that you thought I dropped
Today is the day when the sunshine is dimmer
My cheekbones sunken, my eyes lost their shimmer
I went back home to crawl into my old bed
It never felt the same again inside of my own head

Poetry by Samantha Fritsky
Read 885 times
Written on 2008-09-29 at 00:39

Tags Relationship  Corruption  Violence 

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wow, this is very well written.