The most frightening nightmare is the one that is the most realistic.

What The Night Drags In

She asked, "Do you remember your dreams?
Your hallucinating schemes?"
I said, "Every single one, every single theme
The smells, the sights, the color scheme
I used to view them as an escape
But your own mind can suffocate
You in ways you never thought, it can violate
The privacy of the world in which you create
You begin to fear when night creeps in
Your own enemy lies underneath your skin
You wait for the nightmare to finally begin
Knowing your mind will pull it from within"
I kicked at the gravel, she shuffled her feet
She said, "Your mind isn't a monster you need to defeat
It isn't out to get you, to trick you with deceit
It's just that your world lies incomplete
It holds bad memories that only seem to repeat"
She said, "It isn't thoughts that choke you
It's your inability to start anew
If you keep getting dragged through
The dirt of the past, you won't find truth"

Poetry by Samantha Fritsky
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Written on 2008-09-29 at 00:41

Tags Nightmares  Dreams  Past 

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Excellent in both content and structure, there are lines within lines and truths to unfold and this leaves a great deal of food for thought well done indeed~Graham.

Samantha, this is brilliant. So well written and so full of truth.

Love the title.

Smiling at you


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the rhyming is so beautiful, it flows off the lips. you could read this out loud, like a story, like the narration of a movie.. :)

brilliant poem. Stunningly outlined.

Some dreams feels so real when u wake up screaming and the bed is full of cold sweat then you are so relieved that you woke up. Everyone needs to experience this. But you have made you're the feelings of your nightmare so real to the reader...

brilliant work.


mmmh!! I am really feeling this especially since my nights aren't that pleasant, i get tempted to take painkillers to calm my head down but i know its not that kind of hurting