Ill: Djosla


What's going down in Mercy Street
you don't wanna hear
the evidence are in my head
and makes it hard to sleep
the beggars and the prostitutes
are nowhere to be seen
There things I couldn't speak of
down at Mercy Street

You once lived down in Mercy Street
we both where selling books
we were poor, but proud men
and payed the price it took
the bars where always open
and the cops would still say please
there ain't no much of that no more
down at Mercy Street

Remember sweet Johanna
she was hooking down at third
a Swedish girl, hard as nails
at least that's what I heard
A month ago they found her
in the river all cut up
I never would go asking
down at Mercy Street what's up

And Daniel and Lafayette
and John who drove a cab
they drank to much and fucked around
but nothing more than that
all three of them so very nice
they made us always laugh
they drove them out of Mercy Street
their no longer alive

Well, maybe time must change
and I'm too old for all this new
'cause all what I believed in
have vanished in the blue
and people everywhere I turn
are looking much to neat
I guess that many more than me
miss old Mercy Street

They're coming now
it's time for us
I`m taking up their space
They'll take us down to Disneyland
and shoot us in the face
Remember what I told you
and tell everyone you meet
bring in the angry crowd and
Take back Mercy Street !

Poetry by PapaFahr The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1274 times
Written on 2008-10-24 at 10:05

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You describe life on the merciless streets with awesomely realistic examples in dialectically suited imagery my friend! It sure is a scarey place right now, but hey! lets hope one day soon, the real trash will be cleared and a new time of fairness and shelter for all will dawn. Like your style, smiling at you, TAi