living with dead-faced masculinity

written on her breasts
hidden behind a blouse
wanting to hide
her head in her hands
(like a dove
curling up
from the hard rain)

failure! his eyes scream.
he says, "no. i just think
you need to apply yourself"
and she stares back
always the monolith
the gargoyle
screaming fuck, fuck, fuck
and throwing things
staying in the kitchen all day
shielding her
from love and pain

he says, "i am sensitive"
but ignores blood clots
on white-collared shirts
sized small, small and insignificant
and she tastes desire in her mouth
so far away
an orbiting dream
floating, weightless

she runs away to dance
where no one can see her
slips on her old ballet shoes
begs to run to wherever he is
even if she breaks her very limbs
and shreds her heart
sized small, beating, beaten

Poetry by anguisette
Read 904 times
Written on 2008-10-15 at 04:07

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