there are no modern charms

i feel like i should have been born in a different time period.
where it wasn't "strange" to wear beautiful dresses all the time and not jeans and sweatshirts.
when you could grow your hair out really long and wear heavy make-up
and dance all the time. and everyone was lovely, and if they weren't, they were incredibly eloquent and graceful in their own way.
a place where you didn't have to drive ugly machinery down busy streets.
when things were a lot simpler.
where you could make music, draw, paint.
you could learn your own way (no stuffy universities)
you could dance in tribal circles.
you could light candles and breathe fire
and live in temples and there were festivals.

i don't see many charms, i find myself
making up fantasies about things that can't happen.
because the reality is just that fucking boring.
there has to be something more. why do i always have to retreat into my head?
i'm even sick of drinking alcohol. just a way to dull myself from this world.

the internet is the only connection to anyone anymore.
i want to walk in my bare feet.
i can't live this way;
but i have to.

Short story by anguisette
Read 941 times
Written on 2008-10-15 at 04:22

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thank you mister glasglow :)

thank you, it sounds nice :)