emptying the sea

we lost our daughter
that summer

daddy yelled all the time
and mom hit him
and threw the telephone
so she would know inside her heart
she wasn't alone

a girl drowned in the bathtub
and tasted her tears
as the very last thought

they took her to the hospital
and drew her blood
(and she was thankful)
it was just one more thing
to take away

and we took every scar
and made a gown
and it fit just right
wreathed around her body
every time
that they would fight

she carried her
minnie mouse backpack
to school
and the teachers her put her in
a very smart class
for very smart children
(still it is the same)

she made a mermaid
and she thought of the ocean
(the mermaid
had fins made of threes)
mother and daughter
and father
and no hope
in her empty little sea

Poetry by anguisette
Read 847 times
Written on 2008-10-16 at 06:13

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very well written and it certainly unfolds so much depth and who can fathom the experiences that brought this about. Well done.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
tragically wonderful.