hushed sonnet to the prostitute (I)

i become the succubus
to the men i adore

(i craved to stay blessed
and pure)

but i just turned into
the blessed whore

a pale wrist
tiny bitten nails

a delicate heart
twisted inside the serpent's scales
(balancing on my arm)
dark eyes with deep sighs
and i rely always
on my perfect charm

glances fixed my way
and they whisper
(that is the girl that
men spend time with when they have
girlfriends or wives
that is the girl who never is arm-in-arm
with anyone
she is the girl that we despise)

but they will never know
that i lock my door and i hide
inside of my den
(but the question that lingers:
is it with or without them?)

Poetry by anguisette
Read 885 times
Written on 2008-10-17 at 09:17

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Sometimes this poem becomes a bit to "wordy", the sentences a bit too long. However especially the beginning holds such amazing diction, the contrasts in the imagery is breathtaking.

It's not hard to see the path, but it is hard to keep from it. I love your hushed sonnet to the prostitute, thank you for reminding us, it takes all sorts and there but for whatever, go we.....great insight of a poem. Much creativity to you in 2009

Tai, smiling at you

Elizabeth Rose
a very deeply moving expressive poem. thanks for posting.

Rob Graber
A very intriguing write; I find especially effective the bitter humor of the first three stanzas.