Written  2006-07-26 kl 12:05 reposted and reedited today and dedicated to Ghost of Heino and her acrosticon - poem: http://www.poetbay.com/viewText.php?textId=57105

The desert sun and the ravens

Time silently pass by
whispering the pain
in my heart

I feed the ravens and
the flowers are arrayed
so beautifully

What is the pursuit of
my heart?

The desert sun

lights up my path
while the ravens
sing and dance

round and round
croaking softly
from deep within
their throats

Hear ye! Hear ye!
heavens above

my laughter and cry

The raven is soaring
through the sky
in graceful

A messanger heralding
transformation and change.

She lands on my shoulder
and touches her beak
to my ear and neck

Let my heart just sing...
all night long
while the ravens proclaim

the lost innocence

































Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2008-11-18 at 14:35

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Ghost of Heino
A loss of innocence without misfortune.
The rhythm change put the array of feelings even more on display. Reading this was like catching a glimpse of myself in a shop window. Not lost, but not really there.
You do write with flame and passion and moonlight.
Poe'ish indeed. And that's not the worst of compliments.
Thank you for the dedication. An honour.