birds of prey

a blackened bird upon my arm
waiting for me to go
dark rock around its core
from hell it came so slow

a lighter bird upon my other
showing me truth and love
feathers soft as silk it seems
as if from up above

an argument between the two
begins to hurt my head
chirping off my ears
each wanting to be fed

the darker one wants me to sin
so my heart is as black as he
the lighter one wants me to love
for the light i will recieve

they fly above my head in anger
feathers start to fall
the blood starts to mix
and the victor begins to caw

the one upon my shoulder now
white feathers stuck on blood
the question is, which one it is
and what color my heart will flow

Poetry by Mark Reynolds
Read 708 times
Written on 2006-01-19 at 15:38

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This is quite a good poem, but i think you should try to give it a bit more rythm. the sentences doesnt always match up, and it dammages the experience a bit. Only a tip, but all in all, a pretty good poem!

ooooo very good poem. very metaphorical aswell of perceptions of right and wrong, good and evil.