This is for those people who get ignored, even if it is in a rich world or in a poor. Value is a great thing, and no human are better than anyone else (at leasy this is my opinnion).

Life is life - Is it really?

You sit alone, watching people go by - Ignoring you

You stand in a corner, looking at the life that surrounds you - You are not a
part of it

You fly up above us, and follow us wherever we are going - We are blind

A little sound; A silent voice - Whispering endlessly:


Even though you are gone; we don't miss you

If your silent whisper disapears, we'd still ignore you

We are blind, and have less knowledge about value
Forgive us for not know; we don't mean to!

Poetry by Jeanette
Read 654 times
Written on 2006-01-19 at 19:16

Tags Loneliness 

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