Man, have you ever been a king?
seen the glory of hope
Man, have you ever been on top?
seen the free people dancing
The queen of your heart
speaking in your mind
The truth is
you will never be king
Not as long as you hide
under blankets of hate and deception
Not as long as you turn away
from the suffering and death
That you so casually caused
with the wave of your hand
True or false
see the lies behind the curtain
Hiding them won't do
they should never be
When lies and hate
cover the small ray of hope
In the dark world of man
shall there never be a king
Who can break the lies
bring back the light of truth
And save us all
from the sure and dark doom
In a hopeless future

Poetry by Nyorioko
Read 387 times
Written on 2008-11-26 at 11:02

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