Just To Let You Know

Yesterday was Sunday-

One day (or was it a week?) I wish I

Understood that day.

Mondays are hardly better...

Anyway, I saw you

Today, battered by the

Treacherous wounds of your own care,

Existing for it - for them - yet not

Really living.

Sometimes talking helps, but its really

Only a curtain, hiding the pain-

Masking it.

Ultimately, I hope you realize how much we

Care for you; how deeply we wish you to be


Mostly I just wanted to tell

You how many things you are doing right.

Failure is not needing to

Rest on someone's shoulder when life

Is just too much. You deserve care

Every bit as much as those on the

Never-ending list of people you

Drive yourself to exhaustion for.

Poetry by Kaede
Read 676 times
Written on 2008-12-02 at 01:04

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I can identify with the sentiments of this caring gift to someone, too well my friend! Being a single mum can be such a thankless job sometimes and having no one to care for you, makes it so much harder to keep going, but we do. Thanks for this, smiling at you, Tai

you are the poet of the minute...
now you have like 45 seconds to enjoy that
this poem is officially one of my favorites
so true
I completely share the sentiment