maybe this should have been longer....

Couplet Suite-Together

Here at the start, we will say "hi"
I dread the sad end, when we say "goodbye"

We embark now with much to try
I only ask that you are not shy

It may be hard, please don't ask why
For ask me no question and I'll tell no lie

Together we are bound as the tie
For each other, a catcher in the rye

It may be harder without you nigh
But your presence lifts me up on high

I miss the start when we said "hi"
Please never come that sad word "goodbye"...

Poetry by Less Than I Ought
Read 524 times
Written on 2008-12-17 at 05:54

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In my opinion, this SHOULD be longer. If you're going to go for a couplet suite, it might as well be ridiculously massive. Plus there are so many more fun "I" rhymes you could use... :D