Analysis Oh bittersweet analysis! Dialysis!!!

Each word reveals a secret

interprets the language of the soul
Each word stored in a different place
inside my brain. Each word a picture
and each picture a thousand words.
How can I express what the silence
within me tells me when each word
takes me to a new place with a different

Inside the landscape of the landscapes

I look around me, outside me and I see those that speak but don’t really say what the silence within tells them. I can also see those that live in silence. This is the language that I will learn. This is the language that I will speak!

What if, what if . . . I can send postcards from the
places that I have been . . .  when the receiver is
unknown and my postcards returned to sender?

Humanity . . .
the mirror of the mirrors
scattered pieces in the universe
slivers of broken glasses

Reflect yourself on a sliver
Look through this memory
of a broken mirror
and when you will be thrown back

tell me what it told you,
about you
about us . . .




















Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2008-12-26 at 12:32

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well written ya good one :)

silence can be golden, silence can be a mirror liken to a still lake, the lake is silent but it holds so much within. Good reflection here in this poem, I enjoyed it.

Beautiful, takes me to places within and outside my own inner universe and to the great universe that holds us all ... loved your words that flow freely and still so coherent ...