Solitary forest walking

Solitary forest walking
marching ever onwards
The inner fires roar
as never before

I remember those early days
isolated, yet thriving, strangely
Growing, the visions were real
and they are still

I'm in complete ecstasy
when that feeling returns
Monumental mass of meaning
wordless, yet ever so powerful

Sensing nameless spirits
evoking unspoken emotions
Natural sorcery unfold
deep within

The spectrum broadens
the deeper I go
Marching ever onwards
it feels like -


Poetry by J. E.
Read 758 times
Written on 2009-01-08 at 23:13

Tags Strength  Nature  Spirit 

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A quiet walk in the forest is revelations on many levels and can be a heavenly experience. Your beautiful poem warms my heart and reminds me of everything satisfying to one's senses. A walk like this should be taken with a bag of oatmeal cookies (freshly baked.) After you finish the cookies, please pick up small treasures from the forest to bring back home in the bag.

Smiling at you, good Poet Sir.

Lavender (eating the cookie crumbs.) lol