A different approach to solitude, I guess.
Perhaps I should make it a bit longer?

Sweet solitude

Calm in every sense
mind drifting off
into wondrous realms
where the snowfall
make no sound
at all

Embraced by the purest
of light, infinty, traveling
far beyond the veil
candles burning
smell the

I fill my chalice
with sweet solitude
ever so real
I hail thee
in the dark rooms
among the
in every corner
of the world;

Poetry by J. E.
Read 650 times
Written on 2009-01-09 at 15:23

Tags Solitude  Calm  Spirit 

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The title is true as solitude is sweet without the bitter clang of tongues wagging. I can relate to this in my own way as their needs to be at times (not all the time) a place where we can find solitude, calmness, I like the choice of words creating feeling and atmospheric creations stimualted producing imaginative pictures seen. Well done and well written. Thank you.

Good title . The poem is long enough ,don't make it longer by the way . Sometimes i find solitude peaceful too .
I loved your approach to solitude and the whole text.

Thanks for sharing