Watch out, think for yourself. Don't buy everything you're sold/told (same thing)!

Outside the comfort zone

The collapsing structures, the failing systems
the blinded mass, mere subjects to false authorities
What a mess, this fading world - falling apart
like the melting snow (unhealthy grey with pollution)

Illusions wither before my eyes
every day, every hour
Will they see? Will they comprehend?
Perhaps, some day

The hour grows late, however
and I must walk alone

The lie is different on every level
a wise man said (I think he is right)
Covered in fog - or is it smoke?
Yes, smoke arises, from man made structures
to prey on you, like deadly beasts
And they are, in truth

But truth - is fragile, scarce
I offer none

(but one)

Seek it, hunt it
bits and pieces, you will find along the way
A glimpse; be your own guide
the road can be your goal
I know it is mine

We don't need
to enshroud ourselves
in deceit!

I, for one,

Poetry by J. E.
Read 1138 times
Written on 2009-01-09 at 20:49

Tags Lies  Politics  Truth 

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Rob Graber
Oh, well now I see I said that last year too, didn't I?

Rob Graber
I like this one a lot; it calls to mind Robinson Jeffers at his caustic best! (e.g., "Shine, Perishing Republic" perhaps)

A very powerful read her JE! You reflect what our younger generations see and feel in this disconcerting world of smog and warring. Your advice is true to the heart of the matter. We don't need all the shite they try to press upon us. All we need is love and a cool glass of beer to wash it down!lol In the sunshine of course!

Tai, smiling at you, wishing you a weekend of plenty of all that is good for you

tony udo

Rob Graber
A very cool write--reminding me quite strongly of Robinson Jeffers at his stark and edgy best!

Esti D-G The PoetBay support member heart!
Bookmarked! Beautiful write,mate!

My sentiments exactly, but much preferred expressed in your creative light. Yes it is outside the comfort zone for all of us humans, but! there is a way forward that will render the blinded mass and the false authorities, sighted and true in our bright new path....hope in the light of producing what we need and doing away with darkness of greed. I like your style, smiling at you, Tai

Your footnotes are well received.

I love out of comfort zone topics so I was immediately drawn to this. Thanks for capturing me with the title.

What a valuable indepth comprehensive first verse. Certainly lots to think about and the word choice is filled with juicy info.

Questions to spur, I like that as you write with your feelings of your zones of how you relate to it. It's like I am seeing how you see in part. It can be a lonely walk outside the comfort zone. Unfortunately we do like comfort. Lies are different on every level, I can certainly relate to that. I like you finale, your own mind speaks. You stand in your own truth. We don't often know the truth.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
a very wise text filled with metaphoric imagery that illuminates even in the darkness. A free thinker is one who seeks as he walks and is aware of the false prophets along the pathway. I really enjoyed this piece of your poetic mind. : ) kathy