Of magic moments!
Rather playful.
Fun to write.


Ah, young Laphroaig
he's something special
not quite like the others
except, perhaps, the older ones

What do I know, really
poor student

But, with Beethoven
and the wind outside
there's no movement
only inwards
to put
in words

Words -

Inwards, inwords, inworlds;
ah, young Laphroaig, eh?

Ha! Moments;
It's great

And then there's the stars
at night, you've seen them
many times, bright and shining
always a source of wonder

Like Tolkien, and the others
those who came after
not quite like him, but still
they were there

I wish I could play the piano
I really do, it's great
because it's strange
to put - things
in words


Reasons? What?
Do I need them?
I'm doing fine
I really do;
it's great

The horns are blowing
and everything
magnificent sound
and other things
Through my head
you know

It's just me now
I love it -

Stars! Worlds!

forces -
I decide the pace
like creation

No end!

Ha! Moments;
It's great

Poetry by J. E.
Read 721 times
Written on 2009-01-10 at 02:54

Tags Magic  Moments  Inspiration 

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These are magic moments of creation!!! I have to comment on your footnote, I am going crazy with this critique commenting and loving it.

Simplicity in title yet it captivated me solely because I like your work lately. So I wanted more. You grabbed my attention on the first line my friend, using a musical instrument really added to the magic of not only music but the moment expressed, thought, breathed, touched and not to forget the personality of the piece, it is brilliant, the characters are really interactive and that really adds a dimension of thoughts interchanging with the ability to learn in the poem and for the reader. This was a magical moment of simplicity and enjoyment, thank you.

Yes it is great and I love tracing the steps of your Moments. Smiling at you, Tai