thoughts during a depressing visit
at a Hospice, the last station....

At the Hospice


are they lying there
so motionless and silent
with a vacant gaze

what does conceal their eyes
that lost all shine

what happens at the borderland
which we don`t understand

where they of happiness or fear
can`t even shed a tear

To a halt they came beyond a dream
not looking onward any more
not wanting to remain

holding tightly at their blanket
with their bony hands alright

they do not notice any longer
when day turns into night.

Words by Northlight
Read 726 times
Written on 2009-01-16 at 17:11

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Aisha Razem
impressing through the veins of our running life , it is inserting ur emotions to tearing the blankets on our warm beds to escape towards the cold wind , so we might sense .

very touching



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Just passing through having no connection only observation can be a different perspective then if it was your own loved one.
This is what I get out of this, the observation of how their dispostion is, it is someone's loved one, is what I can't help but think, but the light shed here in this poem is a feeling of what they might be feeling especially with life being short for them, like they are hanging on with what is left with their frail bodies.