My Bridge Of Sighs.

Deep down inside beneath my soul
I felt this manic pain
And new at once my time had come
That I had lost the game

Time to put my affairs in order
A last chin wag with old friends
Forget old fued's,pay off my due's
The where fors and the whens

A time to seek out those that love me
And put thier minds at rest
Dispel thier fears,then wipe the tears
That this is just another quest

Its strange knowing that its coming
And yet I'm not afraid
Life is no more, then just a game
Its length depends on how you've played

So I will lay my head,upon the bed
A prayer the close my eyes
And think of all those that I loved
As I cross my bridge of sighs.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 736 times
Written on 2006-01-26 at 12:02

Tags Sighs 

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Hi Penfold ... Well done again . Agree with all comments below espec Angelas ... All good ! ......... Glen ( GB )

Veld Cooper
This was so moving - beautifully set out and structured, with the wisdom of maturity that has no price highligting every line. Hope none of it's true, dear friend! Yes, also reminded me of 'let there be no moaning at the bar...' from Alfred (The Great). A must bookmark!

kip calm, sounds like a cool n collected dying man(strange), the potrayal of life as a game is just right...'Life is no more, then just a game, Its length depends on how you've played'...that's quite the line...hope its not time for you though coz i look up to you in this fascinating world of poetry...

Zoya Zaidi
"As I cross my bridge of sighs."

Very beautiful!!!

Reminds me of Lord Tennyson's: "Crossing the Bar"

Lovely write GRAHAM!
Not for a long long time to come!!!
Love,xx, Zoya