Home Alone

Here I am
One and none
Me by myself
Even no sun

After you've gone
Lonely I sit
One in a home
No other wit
Ever witless, I sit

Poetry by Ducks
Read 558 times
Written on 2009-02-22 at 17:21

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the second half is my favourite, because i find "lonely i sit...no other wit, ever witless i sit" quite clever.

Enigmatically woven like
Xylophone players' hands
Carrying on the part
Excelling at each note
Less happy, though;
Languishing in
Extreme loneliness
Nicely conveyed
Terrific job

...i went out on a limb there with the acrostic, but i figured it was worth a shot. i could easily have been wrong about that.

long story short, you're awesome.

-just plain muffin

A bit sad to read but then,
pull out all the memories and
you will hopefully feel better! /N