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The Overdose -From the family annals No 1

The Overdose - A True Life Story

The day had started bright and clear,
It was the warmest time of year,
The holidays had just begun,
I heard the children having fun,

When someone knocked upon the door
The police - what would they come here for?
Someone, I heard, had raised the alarm,
they thought that Mum had come to harm.

The Policewoman said `we can't be sure
But it seems that at your mother's door
The neighbour rang, with no reply,
We need to find the reason why.'

At this my heart began to pound
What was it that the neighbour found?
And then they came back to my mind,
Our last words, which were so unkind.

I knew it just could not be right
That such a silly little fight
Could escalate to outright war
How could I let it go so far?

I thought about the tears I'd brought her.
I was not such a brilliant daughter.
And as we set off on our way,
sheer panic took my breath away.

While my pulse throbbed in my head,
I thought of things I'd left unsaid.
(I'm sorry, Mum, I caused you pain
And wish we could just start again.)

I thought that it might be too late
I was in such a desperate state,
Then, while the key turned in the lock
I braced myself against the shock

We looked into the open door
Would she be slumped upon the floor?
I looked inside - to my surprise,
She stood right there before my eyes!

I must say that she looked quite shy,
And it crossed my mind to wonder why.
The PC said `there was concern
That you had had a funny turn.'

Mum said, `I felt bad, I'll admit,
But now I'm feeling fighting fit.'
The Constable: `If you're OK,
I'd best be getting on my way.'

I looked at Mum with such relief!
She said, `I'm sorry that I caused you grief:
I didn't mean to scare you so,
I've been quite silly, that I know.

I took a little overdose'
`OH, NO!' I cried, and hugged her close.
She said, `oh, dear, no need to fear
I think you've got the wrong idea.

I haven't lost the will to live,
And as for when the neighbour came,
I heard him knock and call my name,

I heard the bell - what could I do?
I couldn't get up from the loo!'
At that we stood and hugged each other!
I was glad that I still had my mother!

We laughed, and laughed, till we were weak.
We laughed till tears rolled down our cheeks!
And NEVER will it be forgot
When Mum OD'd - on Senokot.

2004 Marie E Cadavieco

Poetry by Marie Cadavieco The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 622 times
Written on 2009-04-05 at 16:36

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Rob Graber
Enjoyed this story!

As of old fashioned ketchup in a bottle,
'Twas said: First none'll come, and then a lot'll!

(Plutonic Sonnets, CXLVIII)

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
This is one good poem , had me yes tear building up , then my sad ters turnd to tears of laughter, thank you.

Ken ( D Williams _

Ah what a wonderful ending to a story with such a terrible title :-) Thanks for sharing it on the bay - priceless! :-D