A short story....very short.

Sweet dreams

Every night at the stroke of twelve
He enters the room
Smelling like cigarettes and beer
She pretends to be asleep
Waiting for what is to come
And wanting to run away so badly
He kneels by the bed and wispers

Are you awake my rosebud?

Oh how she hates the sound of his voice
Hates the way he looks at her
Hates the way he touches her
And here we go again she thinks
As he climbs into her bed
He slowly takes of her panties
And opens his pants

Time for some sweet dreams my rosebud

When he finally finishes
And rolls himself out of the bed
He goes back to the bed he shares
With a wife that knows nothing
And she can finally cry

Short story by Nyorioko
Read 614 times
Written on 2009-05-04 at 04:30

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