"I never had one hour's happiness in her society, and yet my mind all round the four-and-twenty hours was harping on the happiness of having her with me unto death." -- Great Expectations, Charles Dickons

Great Expectations: A Goodbye Poem

I adore the simplicity and innocence

That surrounds a new romance

When all one can focus on

Are your own sweaty palms

And the other person's blushing cheeks

But other people like to rip at the safety wall

You try to build around yourself

And put doubts in your expectations

(Oh, why is loving another person so hard?

And, why is the risk for heartache always so high?)

My body is far too strong to be used

As something as disgraceful as a doormat

But I admit, I have willingly lied down

For others in the past

I have exchanged my dignity

For something as simple as a hug

But not this time, sweet heart

I have far too many ghosts that haunt me

And they are constant reminders

Of what not to do

Poetry by Samantha Fritsky
Read 767 times
Written on 2009-05-10 at 11:11

Tags Love  Expectations  Past 

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Samantha Fritsky
So very true, Rob. After all, love can turn even the most grounded and intelligent people into fools.

Rob Graber
Even with constant reminders, not doing the wrong thing (even again and again) can proved difficult; such is the helpless of some loves... Great Dickens quote!