Random (and kinda terrifying) story I thought of for today's oneword


He fastened his towel tightly around his waist as he hopped out of the startlingly open shower

He nearly sprinted over to where he had left his trousers, focussing his stare directly down

Fear jerked at him as he saw nothing on the bench...

He looked up nervously and looked around with a frantic sort of agitation

All around him he saw men of all makes and molds, mostly naked, but nowhere did he see his clothes

He had nothing... nothing to bargain with... no money... no protection from the world around him...

Slowly turning around, he tried to look small, but there were no solutions around him

With nothing left he walked towards the hostel door, praying for God to have mercy on his soul.

Poetry by Ducks
Read 555 times
Written on 2009-05-20 at 02:07

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now I feel like a failure, because I'm always the last one to comment and other people have already said what I want to say. However, your oneword pieces are incredibly well composed and engrossing, though I agree that this one is a bit scary. nice job!

Morgan Cellohead
The poem = quite frightening, well worded and structured
The other comment = completely true and slightly hilarious

Again, very effectively structured with the hanging sentences and final unequivocally punctuated statement...this is

Sort of terrifying and
Certainly an
Astounding work
You are getting

Better and better
Tense atmosphere here

All of your
Writing has an
Energy to it that is
So compelling and
Out of the ordinary
Methinks ye be an
Effervescent writer!!

(And a damn good one!)
(No, that's not part of the acrostic)
(Neither is this)
(Even though it says "Anne"...weird)