Some Thoughts

Wind and rain
and love and pain
what happens on the day when the darkness
turns back around and takes a chance and
saves light from morbid temptation?
At the end of it all is a time
and a place
and a way
and a feeling
of something we've all known part of
in our hearts
our minds
our souls and it is a mixture of everything
all that could ever be felt
but it is not overwhelming
it is skillfully concocted
just the right blend
blended just the right amount
it is poured into us
through a journey on which we all go
it is spooned over us
with a ladle of sparkling fibers of dreams
and old parts of machines
that function outside of the realm we know
and when we get to the end of it all
and that time
and that place
it is not given to us then
but rather we realize
that we have been gathering it all along
and it has been drizzled over us
another drop with every sound
or sight
or feeling
or smell
or word spoken
and those of us who are satisfied
avoid looking at each other's content countenances
as we are guided past the machines
that function outside the realm we had known
and past the ladle of sparkling fibers of dreams
and we are made to look each other in the eye once more
and that old faint discomfort is once again
rediscovered by all of us
and we look up in time to see
the ladle of sparkling fibers of dreams
moving away from the space above our heads
and mysteries remain
no matter how much one uncovers
and the light
and good
and happiness
can never completely conquer
as that which remains unknown
remains dark.

Poetry by Morgan Cellohead
Read 447 times
Written on 2009-05-21 at 03:41

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that was kinda wordy
I just meant that you made a really cool statement about how we view life

I agree: really intense
I really like the images here
I feel as if you two have been channeling your inner

Even though your
Message was
Overwhelmingly dark, it

Kithed a deep
Intrensic fear
Dealing with human nature.

and it turned out pretty awesome.

Wow...this is really

Involving and deeply moving
Nice use of repeating
Themes throughout; very
Nothing good would
Seem good without the bad
Even darkness yields light

This comment might not make sense, but this was a very engrossing read...I greatly enjoyed it, and now that I've commented will probably go back and read it again.