Oh, (Big) Brother (is Watching)

We are a nation that demands change
But mugs the person next to us on the subway
We say, "Where do we go? We have no cash!
We refuse to be tossed aside like trash"
A sense of entitlement (in our very bones)
But then we take your homes, turn off your phones
Shut off your lights
In the middle of the night

We are a nation that demands freedom
But then signs up for an army that hands us a gun
They'll say, "We'll train you so you can kill those terrorists
They bombed our buildings, now bomb their kids
They'll shoot your children
Rape your women!"
Lie to them, make them hate dark skin
Make them fear every Muslim
Then wonder why hate crimes exist today
"Who taught them to think that way?" we say
We make the world fear the red, white and blue
As they sing, " America, the beautiful!"
(The beautiful? The beautiful... what a word to describe it
Put your hand over your heart, smile wide, and defend it)

Ignoring the news reports, you fall asleep
In denial that your country may deserve defeat
"What's it like to be controlled?" As if you care
"They deserve it, they are below us," you'll declare
Beat those foreigners upside the head
Wouldn't they be better off dead?
Your own blood is far from home
But American blood has tainted what you've known

"Hope" and "change", we cling to those words
(As if one man can deliver us the world)
But when you're exhausted (down to your very bones)
Do you believe the deceit that our four fathers must have known?
But, don't worry, your mind is far from that place
You're an American! No worries show on your face
Sit comfortably in your house, filled with your possessions
America will guide you, give you protection
(Won't they? Won't they? Believe what you will
Maybe you can even hear them watching, if you lay very still)

Poetry by Samantha Fritsky
Read 846 times
Written on 2009-05-22 at 02:46

Tags America  Government 

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Our national governments , cry freedom ,
Yet enslave us in to fear ,
Course us to fear our naibuers ,
Acts of parliament and congress ,
Brings the spirit 1984 big brother ,
And big sister , we had the iron lady ,
Maggy Thatcher , now rusting ,
Pity it were not sooner ,
Dubuer , launched the new crusades ,
The poodle Blair bark beside him ,
In the name of there faith , and freedam

Samantha ( Fritsky ), Please read this as a complement to your work. That inspired my reactan