I were a laying out duvet covers ,

White and coulerd over the barre's ,

When I herd laughter ,

Normally a good , happy sound ,

While working I am sure you'd agree ,

So I stomped to to take a look ,

What I saw horrified me , to my very spirit ,

My blood ran cold , every nerve were hot wired ,

I stormed cross , their were hung a ''gollywog*'' ,

Black , drest as an '' uncle Tom '' , big white grin upon it's face ,

Hanging by a hangman's noose ,

I told the the lad , '' that's wrong '' , ''so fucking wrong'' ,

He said '' we should laugh at the past'' , to witch I replied ,

''lagugh at that past? ''' , '' not learn from the past? '' '' then

we will repeat that past '' , ''the right wing , the fascist grow stronger ,

all over Europe '',

He said '' I am from a country ( he is a Venezuelan hear on a Spanish passport),

'' so I know all about the right wing and the like'' , '' I know about South

America , it's history , of dicktaiterships '' , I retorted '' more than you give me

credit fore

I also reckon I have more understanding than you!

I turned and walked a way , in dispear , told the acking manageress she just

said ''so what!'' ,

In despairer I returned to my laying out ,

Though the offensive '' gollywog'' , was taken down ,

It was already too lait , by far ,

I felt I was some how in the wrong ,

I despair , 70 years a goo world war two began for Britain ,

Now the war begins maybe soon with in.

The Dyslexic Poet , Ken D Williams

*check it out on google , ** I have used the word correctly as it expresst my self at the time.

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-09-12 at 19:22

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