are pens male or female?
oh right :)
fountain pens are masculine...
mine is definitely a girl...

My Little Fat Pen

My little fat pen has a mind of her own
She sometimes hides away from me and is
Found far away on some floor
Languishing away from her blue and white pot.

She is not a ridged plastic utility pen.
She is a rounded curvy implement with
A soft cushion where she lets me rest my
Finger and thumb knowing my intent.

Never scared to linger over paper
She quite enjoys being twirled around
Never dizzies when I shake her like a dervish.
She flows with whatever I do
Ignoring how I gnaw on her undeserved.

I may become quite dumb when she runs out
To the pen den in the sky
As she will one day...
Maybe she could tolerate being refilled
But I am shy of investigating her innards
I might offend her and she might refuse
To write my words...

I will keep her skeleton
In my second drawer down
Next to my dear departed stapler.

Poetry by jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1123 times
Written on 2009-09-16 at 23:37

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Rob Graber
A very enjoyable write. Attaching to the objects around us enriches life; but adds sorrow to the sweet parting when they run out/wear out.


Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi Jenks...your little fat pen sounds kind of sexy to me...
Hang on to her and you will continue to write clever
poems as this one...I wish you'd lend her to me

xxx Stan

Sid Gardner
P is for pen always full of Ink. A is for always vomit in someone else's sink, R is for raddish the shape I've become, K is for krinkles appearing on my bum.E is for easy when I speak with you, R is for rated, your poems are clever and a little bit witty too.
Nice one Lindy......Sid.

Drawers of a writing desk are really just graveyards for things stationary. As usual, you amuse and provoke ;-)
much enjoyed, Nick