I am in Kathmandu on holidays and I find the contrast striking beween my africa and and the himalayas. Tried to capture this in this long poem. The interaction and competition beten timbuktu and himalayas is intriguing.

on desert waves to himalayas

flooded by atlantic rode on desert waves to timbuktu
wearied breathless coasted down on mighty niger
thrown on the beach onitsha announces zik of africa
on camel back and elephant rides off to kathmandu
readied for adventure supreme ascension to himalayas
morning snow on creation hills cap my hungry eyes

eyes awakened joyously wild the universe to encompass
timbuktu literature written on sand scrolls blown off by strife
throw me to Himalayas vaulting ambition in faithful ascent
the niger in obeisance flows humility to valleys verdant
and there pitch tents in kathmandu for hot soup gourmet
joining me in feast fulfilling in fly birds from pristine africa

africa beckons spreads her branches to rivers and mountains
eyes meditate in wonder ecstatic nature's grandeur a whirlwind
timbukto arrives sands as suits for revelry gargantuan
kathmandu kitchens pots unrivalled fresh gaiety cooking
the niger accedes slithers floating joys in mermaids expansive
the gods smile send dancing glaciers from heaving himalayas

himalayas invites all laggards to tops supreme warmth ascending
and africa shoots kilimanjaro ballads in symphonic arrows
the niger in hand flows in bouncing drums with trumpets blast
eyes astounded drink full the sťance dream climbing love
timbuktu caravans carry dry wines in goatskin bags burnished by sands
all of life's agog and everest prize is there for the climb in kathmandu

kathmandu offers prize to mamas and papas from past ascents
heart and limbs too limp for dance of sparkling stars on himalayas
can't take the grind of mouth-filled sands from timbukto hikes
africa gruelling brings forests in tow shield dry desert
eyes are greened awakened by sunlight ready for sights
cool waters gush from sprinkling springs spread by growing niger

niger triumphant canoes creations to festival drumming
kathmandu exultant in song verdant valleys transcending
eyes and necks raised to mountains in heaven's mansions
himalayas tops fly prayers pregnant to saints expectant
africa choirs chant chorus resounding in voices resplendent
timbukto swings sand hills ecstatic it all started here

Poetry by mark nwagwu
Read 833 times
Written on 2009-10-12 at 09:32

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