He were a volunteer in 1916 ,

Lied about his age ,

He were just 16 ,

He were tall , big with it ,

So looked older than he were ,

The apple of his widow mums eye ,

His dad he never know , he'd died ,

Killed in the south African war against the bores ,

He told not his mum , he was off to the army ,

Off to the war in France , so she did , could not ,

Stopped her Tommy , even if she know , what he were up ,

He were trained fore a month , how to march , salute ,

How to hold a rifle , what end did the business ,of battle ,

Then off to France , Tommy were sent ,

Three weeks later over the top ,Tommy went ,

Strait in to the guns he walked as ordered ,

It were after all , just cake walk ,

A machine-gun , manned by Frizz , fired , cutting down , Tommy ,

Right across his belly , open him up like a tin of sardines ,

His intrils fell out , like sausages , his hart exposed, still beating ,

Tommy , tried to shove them back in , in to his belly ,

He cryed , out to his mum , as were other mothers sons did ,

MOTHER , MOTHER , MOTHER , oh mother , oh mother ___________,

They were like a male vise coier , chanting '' OH MOTHER , OH MOTHER ,

OH mother oh mother , ___________

Till , death granted the men , yet only boys ,

The Tommy's , began to fall silent ___________ ,

As they were dieing too, a long side Tommy ,

Slowly his life ebbed a way as his hart pumped out his life blood ,

Upon the land at war that was France ,

Slowly , oh so slowly , Tommy , died ,

He were picked up , by two lads wanting off the battlefield ,

Tommy's corpse , carrying it back , saved their life's ,

Tommy corpse were wrap in a blanket , laid in an old trench ,

To lay alongside his chums ,

His mum got a telegram saying '' Your son , Tomas Atkins ,

Had been killed in action '' ,

She shut the curtains as thousands were doing the same ,

Having received the same telegram , all over Britain , And The Empire

A month later , Tommy , old mum , received the bill ,

Fore the blanket her son was buried in

His old mum's despair , in morning , to one of anger

FUCK THEM ALL! , his old mum screamed! '' SENT MY BOY OFF TO DIE IN YOUR WAR '' , '' YET YOU EXPECT ME TO PAY FOR HIS SHROUD! WELL GO FOOK YOUR SELF! , with side with such passion.

Only time he'd heard his mum ever say such words!

T Ken D Williams

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-10-18 at 01:12

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After reading the title I had to read the poem, sad and true for so many, I salute them all and you Ken for a great piece.

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Shocking story. In China, still today, the families of executed prisoners are given the bills for the bullet expenditure - just one bullet, and the family has to pay. Normally, the executed prisoner was innocent...

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi Ken...there are too many Tommys that have died and will
die in far off places....and usually, for what? !!!

Beautifully sad poem

xxx Friend Stan

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Ken this is a very heartwrenching story. I had tears well up in my eyes even as I read the title. They continued to roll down my checks throughout the reading of the text. This as you can read, affected me greatly. The poor, the good, the brave go into battle leaving many mums crying at home behind their closed curtains.