Early morning moments, a glimpse of joy.


The sunrise is golden
clothing autumn leaves
in brilliance

A peaceful moment
entangled in time

The earth is alive
rock and wood
doing its magic

Signs form
over my morning tea
a secret told
only in the cold
air, so clear

I am alive
blood and mind
doing my magic

I am bound
to you

Poetry by J. E.
Read 950 times
Written on 2009-11-01 at 10:16

Tags Nature  Autumn  Magic 

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Magic, is the word. :)

Bound with nature..feeling it.. I did, while reading..and bound, to souls.. one soul maybe. Don't know if that's one point of view in the text, but anyhow..it's all, part of nature. I really liked it..it's not to much, not to little..it's perfect, what it is.. :)

A fabulously romantic side you have my friend! Adorable start to my day....

Each verse is special in it's own write, bound together, it is a glimpse of sheer joy in fine poetic deed.

Thanks for sharing it

Smiling at you


Nils Teodor The PoetBay support member heart!
Bound by love...